The Last of Us Cast Address Joel’s Plight in Season 2

Pedro Pascal comments that he’s aware of what happens to Joel in The Last of Us Part II and Bella Ramsey admits that she doesn’t know if she’ll be “emotionally ready” if the game’s story sticks.

This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us Part II.

Much has been said about the second season of the series The last of us from HBO, which is targeting a late 2024 to early 2025 premiere. The Last of Us Part II it is one of the aspects of the story that will not be altered since it is vital for the development of this one. Pedro Pascal, who played the character in the first season, He hasn’t played the game or seen the scene where Joel is brutally murdered. at the hands of Abby, the daughter of the surgeon at St. Mary’s Hospital, although she has commented in recent statements given to the medium Esquire that she is fully aware of what is going on.

“It wouldn’t make sense to follow the first game so faithfully only to stray into the second season. So, yes, that’s my honest answer,” the actor explained after being asked if Joel’s death will remain in the Second Season. Bella Ramsey, the actress who brought Ellie to life on the show, added to Pascal’s statements that “if it happens on the show” she doesn’t know if she will be “emotionally prepared for it”.

In the same Esquire interview, Craig Mazin, showrunner of the series, said the following: “It should be pretty obvious to everyone by now, but i’m not afraid to kill characters. But the important thing is that neither Neil Druckmann [cocreador de The Last of Us y copresidente de Naughty Dog] I also didn’t feel limited by the source material.”

A first season that perfectly captures the essence of the video game on which it is based

The last of us It’s an excellent series that perfectly encompasses all the elements that made the video game of the same name so important in its time. It is a profound and existentialist drama, which It addresses human survival in difficult times like few others, as well as the importance of love or decisions in dark times.. The work of Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin has conveyed the story of Joel and Ellie with fidelity and skill, showing us how this unlikely couple, whose troubled reality forces them to confront who they are and how far they are capable of go to preserve what gives meaning to their lives,” we conclude in our full review.

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