Netflix sued for canceling Zack Snyder’s RPG Rebel Moon

Netflix was preparing two projects based on Zack Snyder’s science fiction universe: a cooperative video game and a tabletop role-playing game. The latter was canceled.

At the end of this year, Netflix will start Rebel Moonthe science fiction universe created by Zack Snyder, who with the two films of the director of 300 And The Justice League will have novels, comics, podcasts and other worksas a cooperative video game and board role-playing game. The latter was canceled after months of work, and the service of streaming was continued for him.

The company Evil Genius Gamesa publisher known for Everyday heroes and TTRPGs set in films like Escape from New York And Pacific Rimstarted working with Netflix early 2023 with the aim of releasing the game around the release of Rebel Moon Part 1: Daughter of Firewhich will arrive on the platform on December 22.

Rebel Moon

However, Netflix unilaterally terminated the deal in May because, allegedly, Evil Genius Games broke the confidentiality agreement and demanded that the studio stop using “Netflix’s intellectual property”; They allege the company offered them $50,000 to “step aside, forgive Netflix for the pretense misappropriation of the project, and deliver the game to them,” reads the lawsuit shared by IGN.

Netflix cited as motivation for terminating the contract the fact that the studio had broken the confidentiality agreement by talk about the project at an industry fair showing concept art not approved by the department streamingbut the study indicates that Netflix approved these documents and there were even representatives of the company during the event, sharing them among the participants, reports Variety.

Rebel Moon

Evil Genius Games put aside all its current projects to start working on a universe in which, at that time, there was only one storyline, “some crude ideas about the universe Rebel Moon and some visual documents. The study states that it is they who They created much of the background, including the names of some alien races and planets.the lineage of the main characters and a “clear timeline of how the universe of Rebel Moon“.

Zack Snyder called the RPG “immersive, intense and huge”

In total, the objective was to produce a player’s guide of approximately 430 pages and a manual for the master of 337 pages, plus one World Bible which, in fact, was mentioned by Zack Snyder himself in a podcast, where he described the role-playing game as “crazy, very immersive, intense and huge.”

The study indicates that Netflix’s intention is claim sole ownership of all such content and publish it at your own expense without crediting or financially compensating Evil Genius Games. This isn’t the only game going on Rebel Moon: a is in development action video game for four players by Super Evil Megacorp, the creators of Vanity And Black Catalyst.

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