Actress Jane Seymour has been happily dating her new partner John Zambetti lately. A week ago, the Dr. Quinn star unveiled her new novel on Instagram. Now the couple is revealing how they met.

“Our children set us up” Seymour and Zambetti confessed to People magazine on the red carpet at a gala event over the weekend. “So we definitely don’t have to worry about the kids not liking who we’re with,” Zambetti added. He is “very happy” to be with Seymour.

Both sons are named Johnny and are musicians.

The actress said that the musician had already written her several love songs. “He’s a songwriter. I think that’s what finally convinced me,” said Bond’s ex-girlfriend. They were brought together by the fact that their sons are both musicians. “His son is a very successful rock musician in the band The Palms. His name is Johnny Zambetti,” Seymour explained in an interview with People. “And I have a son who is also a rock musician, Johnny Keech. So when we talk about them we say ‘My Johnny’ because they both have the same name.”


Jane Seymour appears with her new partner

Music is also an important part of their relationship. Zambetti said he has many musician friends in Los Angeles. “We love going to their concerts.” Seymour “never really went to the dive bars,” where he believed the “real musicians” played. She likes to go there with him, and he likes to show her sides of Los Angeles that she didn’t know before.

Jane Seymour and her stormy personal life

Jane Seymour has four children from two different marriages. Married to David Flynn, she has a daughter, Catherine Flynn, and a son, Sean Flynn. His marriage to James Keach produced twins John Stacy “Johnny” and Christopher Keach. In total, the actress was married four times: to Flynn (1981 to 1992) and Keach (1993 to 2015), to Michael Attenborough (from 1971 to 1973) and Jeffrey Planer (1977 to 1978). Most recently, she was in a long-term relationship with producer David Green.

“With Zambetti by her side, she is now experiencing the happiest time of her life,” Seymour echoed on the red carpet. Dating someone over 70 is “absolutely fantastic”. Every month they celebrated their relationship. “At this point in life, you don’t want to wait 50 years.”
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