Netflix wants to integrate GTA games into its mobile and cloud catalog, sources say

Sources claim that Netflix is ​​trying to include Grand Theft Auto games in its subscription. He would also develop Wednesday Games and The Squid Game.

Netflix He continues to try to gain a foothold in the video game sector and it seems that little by little he is succeeding, both with new studio acquisitions and even founding his own developers. But perhaps the most visible aspect of this strategy is video game catalogwhich is available in subscription and mainly hosts games for iOS and Android (although it has also started testing streaming on the cloud for television and computers).

As part of this desire to establish itself in the market, Netflix would work on the development new video games based on some of their most popular series and films today: according to Wall Street Journalwork is already underway to adapt Wednesday And The Squid Gameat the same time as he plans to do the same with Black mirror and Extraction.

HASGrand Theft Auto on Netflix?

However, what is most striking in the information published by the Wall Street Journal is that its sources claim that Netflix would also try to include games from the saga. Grand Theft Auto in your catalog. In other words, from now on we were able to see some GTA available on mobile phones via the Netflix application. It hasn’t been confirmed which ones or whether or not this will actually happen, but it’s worth remembering that all three tranches of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition They’re due to hit cell phones at some point (although their release date is unknown).

Although it would not be the first third-party game that Netflix would include on its platform, the arrival of RGT Your subscription would serve to demonstrate your interest in video games to the general public. On the other hand, this news comes shortly after Rockstar announced the add games to your GTA+ subscriptionwhich until now only brought advantages GTA Online.

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