New game from Battlefield creators will use artificial intelligence for voices

The finales developed by Embark Studios will feature the majority of voices performed by the AI.

The use of Artificial Intelligence is at the center of questions in cinema and in the arts in general, and we now know that The Finals, the new game from Embark Studios, will see most of its voices performed by artificial intelligence.

Embark Studios is a developer founded by some of the creators of Battlefield, who are currently working on a multiplayer shooter, in which players simulate being on a TV show where they must kill their rivals to earn as much money as possible.

The use of AI was revealed by the study as part of the podcast Meet the creators, where they justified their decision.

“AI is finally powerful enough, it brings us enough quality and this allows us to react when new ideas arise and keep everything fresh,” they mentioned on this subject.

From what they’ve added on occasion, this would be useful if implementing a new game mode since you can “incorporate voice in just a few hours, not months.

“We’re entering a new era of voice acting in video games, and while it sounds a little out of tune, it fits the fantasy world of virtual spectacle,” they noted.

You can listen to the podcast where the developers talk about the game below:

Source: Latercera


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