Hades will come to iOS devices with Netflix

The action roguelike is one of the most beloved titles on PS5 and Xbox Series and was the first video game to win a Hugo Award.

supergiant games, the creative studio of roguelike Hades announced that the game would be available on iOS devices including iPhone and iPad thanks to Netflix Games, although the date is still unknown, apart from the fact that it will be somewhere in 2024.

The version of Hades for iOS it will be “a faithful translation of our game, with all the action and surprises available on other platforms,” reports the studio on his web pagewho developed the port to iOS with Secret6.

Your own control for mobile phones

Supergiant created exclusive control for the mobile version which can be customized by the player, although it can also be Play with a controller via Bluetooth.


It will be possible to save the cloud game and you will have achievements, but it will not be compatible with any version of the game that is on another platform (Hades can now be played on PC, Switch, PS5, Series X, Xbox One and PS4).

No projects for Android

Hades will work best in devices with iOS 16 installed or later version and will be exclusive to Netflix subscribers. Supergiant states that developing a version for Android devices is not even being considered at the moment.

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