The most special Attack on Titan cosplay with a cute Mikasa celebrating the end of the anime

Mikasa, one of the main characters from Attack on Titan, gets a special cosplay that highlights some of her best moments and it’s awesome.

Attack the Titans, after a decade on the air, ended with a cinematic episode. Hajime Isayama’s work was extended ad nauseum in the anime, but its closure served to fix the manga’s original ending by tweaking some dialogue and sequences. To celebrate this conclusion which brought together thousands of spectators, A special Mikasa cosplay has been released that looks back at some of the co-star’s best moments. of the story, and the truth is that it is quite incredible thanks to the combination of reality and fiction that is captured.

They celebrate the end of Attack on Titan with a magnificent cosplay of Mikasa looking back on her best moments

Mikasa is one of the most important characters in Attack the Titans and a vital element for the development of Eren, the absolute protagonist of this macabre and mysterious story with more plot twists than one can imagine. The cosplay in question is the responsibility of the user mimisemaan on TikTok and receives a very good reception from the public, liking thousands and thousands of views and positive feedback. It’s a bit special and different cosplay as it combines moments from the anime with images of the cosplayer in question, creating the most engaging sequences.

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The end of Attack the Titans It took a lot of work but, after all, it seems like it was worth the wait because the mangaka in charge of the story was able to polish up a key scene that had been torturing him since the end of the manga. The successful trajectory of the anime was unexpected and even surprised the creator: “The truth is that the situation with Eren in some sense overlaps with my own history with this manga. When I started this series, I was afraid it would be canceled. It was an obstacle that no one knew existed, but the story had already begun with the ending in mind. And the story ended up being read and seen by an incredible number of people, and that gave me a tremendous amount of power that I wasn’t too comfortable with.“.

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