The protagonist of “The OA” does not lose confidence and believes that the series could be revived on Netflix after its painful cancellation

Brit Marling, protagonist and co-creator of “The OA”, believes that all is not lost and that after the cancellation of the Netflix fiction, there is hope for a revival or return of the series .

NetflixThus 2019decided not to renew The OAa series that won the cult status in recent years thanks to a legion of devoted and devoted fans who have entered into its proposition of mystery, esotericism and spirituality. The platform canceled the fiction of the second season, just before A suspense which would have resulted in a third batch of unique episodes. This decision was a cold water blow, and viewers attacked and criticized the decision of the streaming portal, which was committed to allowing filmmakers to tell coherent and complete stories. Now, with a policy change at Netflix regarding the production of original content, the co-creator and star of The OA, Brit Marling thinks there is hope for a comeback.

Is it definitely canceled The OA? Brit Marling hopes the series will return to Netflix

Brit Marling, who presents A murder at the end of the worldbelieves that Netflix could revive the series, even if There has been no significant effort on the part of the portal for the return of fiction to the portal.. “It’s very sad, but we cry even with our executive producers. Some fans are unhappy with Netflix, and I always try to explain to the people who come to me complaining that they were really there, with us, in a series that they loved and gave their all to,” Marling shared with Vulture (go to comics).

The OA

“I believe that The strikes highlighted the complete change in the model of the entire company.. Suddenly everyone had to do more, do it for less, and make it appealing to everyone at the same time. AND OA, despite its huge loyal following, fell into this gap,” says the actress. “And yes, I think about it all the time. There is a part of me… I don’t think it’s over. In my mind, yes, I understand that everything is over. But in my body, I think it’s something that lies dormant. If the right conditions and circumstances are met again, it will grow. I really believe in it“, he concluded about the possibility of a resurrection of The OA on Netflix.

If the right circumstances present themselves, Netflix could conclude the series

We have seen this before, with cases like The warrior nun, which suffered cancellation and ended up being revived in projects such as films, comics, and novels. The series tells us how, after seven years of disappearance, a young woman returns home with mysterious abilities and recruits five strangers for a secret mission. Will you be lucky The OA and will it end in a project in the form of a film or a conclusive season?

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