Ridley Scott Reveals the Curious Question Stanley Kubrick Asked Him About Alien and the Xenomorph

Ridley Scott, while promoting ‘Napoleon,’ reveals how impressed Stanley Kubrick was with ‘Alien,’ the sci-fi film that elevated him to directorial status. Years later, he still remembers her.

Ridley Scottwho was last night in Madrid to promote his long-awaited project Napoleon with Joaquin Phoenix – who did not convince the critics and who also caused a real political and social outcry in France -, continues look back on his past, his present and his future in the cinematographic field. Among the many films Scott, who works on Gladiator 2This Alien: the eighth passengera film which marked his career so much that it elevated him to the rank Hollywood and this, to this day, continues to be the striking witness in the Science fiction. In a funny anecdote, Sir Ridley Scott remembers how Stanley Kubrick asked him a question that still surprises him today.

Stanley Kubrick was fascinated by a scene from Extraterrestrial and Ridley Scott remembers the question asked by the legendary director of 2001 about the xenomorph

Scott is very happy with the future of the saga Extraterrestrial in film and television, especially now that his failed film continues Extraterrestrial: Alliance will remain on hiatus after the poor box office results of the film with Michael Fassbender and the exploitation of the saga. In this context, and in response to questions from journalists, he recalled how Stanley Kubrickfilm director as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Barry Lindon or A Clockwork Orange, He was fascinated by the xenomorph.

Extraterrestrial 1979

“Stanley called me the week of the premiere of Extraterrestrialrecalled Scott in an interview with The temperature “He told me “How did you get that creature out of that guy’s chest?”” remembers the director fondly. But Kubrick, responsible for horror films like The shineit remained impressed by the xenomorph birth sequencewhich emerges from the chest of one of the crew of the Nostromo after being impregnated with an egg found in an abandoned ship on an isolated planet, Acheron.

“Stanley called me the week of the premiere of Extraterrestrial and he asked me about the creature and when it comes out of the chest.”

The anecdote arises for other reasons. Scott presented his version of NapoleonYes, but the truth is One of Kubrick’s wishes was to create a colossal and ambitious film about the French general. born in Corsica. “I know Stanley Kubrick”explains Scott, who remembers how he got the script for his film version. “He sent me the script as he left it and said “Would you like to take a look?” » , he recalls, while noting how complex and extensive it was, detailing each of the general’s and emperor’s milestones, as well as exact reconstructions of his battles. Curiously, this idea will be taken up by Steven Spielberg in collaboration with HBO.

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