Provocative Radka Třeštíková got naked again: she revealed almost everything in a hot photo

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Writer Radka Třeštíková once again appeared completely naked on her Instagram. The bedroom photo captures the beauty enjoying the company of the art she holds in her hand. Cleverly placed hands and feet cover only the most intimate part of the image, and Radka also showed off her figure that many might envy.

Radka Třeštíková was quick to show on Instagram naked body in all its beauty. The shared image purports to be of a green piece of art that Radek is holding in his hand. But no one will probably notice in this hot photo, because Třeštíková can be proud of her body as if it were carved from stone.

Nudity is the rule

“Art will never leave you alone” »wrote the beauty on the photo, where she also reveals one of her tattoos. However, this is not the first time Radka has provoked a similar photo. She is definitely not afraid of it on her social networks and regularly shows off her firm buttocks or her athletic stomach.

But now there wasn’t much left for the writer to show other than what she wanted. However, this certainly does not bother the admirers, on the contrary, the flattering comments have just poured in. “Jesus, Radko, you’re a piece of shit.” wrote one fan. “It’s simply the perfect woman’s body.” the fan admired Třeštíková’s beautiful body. “Nice photo, photos like this are more common”, another follower added.

She gets pampered by a handsome man

It is no wonder that Radka is pampered by Marek Kafka, a handsome man twelve years her junior who, as we have already written, even participated in Man of the Year in 2017 and is today a successful presenter on A 11 television. The writer likes to show Mark in public and next to a new love shines with happiness.

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