‘Hunter x Hunter’ Creator Reveals Manga’s Long-Awaited Ending Due to Serious Health Issues

Yoshihiro Togashi, author of Hunter x Hunter, shared the ending of the manga for fear of not being able to finish his work due to health issues.

Hunter X Hunter It is one of the most beloved mangaanime works, but due to the health problems of its creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, it remains unfinished to this day. In fact, Gon Frecks’ story has the longest hiatus in manga history to date, cWith a gap of almost four years at Shueisha publishing house and Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The reason for this long pause was, neither more nor less, the delicate state of Togashi, who became ill due to pressure and stress, also developing a serious problem with lower back pain which only allowed him, and allows him, to be lying down in most cases. In a recent interview, the mangaka revealed what the ending you planned Hunter X Hunter in case I die first and could not complete his work.

Yoshihiro Togashi Opens Up and Reveals Hunter x Hunter Ending in Interview

Togashi, even if he wanted to end it Hunter X Hunter On paper, he is aware that his health problems could lead him to die prematurely (he is currently 57 years old) and to avoid leaving his work with an end in the air, he wanted to explain in detail what are the scenarios. he has in mind to close the main plot: “I know there comes a point where either the story ends or I leave this world before that happens. I intend for this to be the first“, the mangaka once commented. This ending, in theory, is provisional, it could therefore undergo significant changes over time if the author finishes the story before dying. The translation is carried out by our colleagues. ±ers of MeriStation.

“For the end I prepared three scenarios which I classified as A, B and C. The difference between them lies in the level of reader satisfaction.. The ending of A, for example, would leave 50% of readers satisfied and 20% dissatisfied. This doesn’t guarantee that everyone would like it and get a good score, but it wouldn’t complicate things or cause too much criticism,” the mangaka began. “With the B ending it would be similar and with the end C, there would be 10% of the audience satisfied and 90% angry Why am I still thinking about it if I know I wouldn’t like it? First because it’s the one I love and secondly, because I want all the doors to be open in case in the end I don’t choose the same ones, but a fourth that takes things from here and of the.

“To give you a sample of what I mean, I’ll tell you a scenario D. An ending that I considered and ruled out, but if my destiny were to die before finishing the manga, it can be considered the ending of ‘Hunter x Hunter’. “Then you could forgive me for leaving early.” The mangaka’s words are very harsh, as he even asks for forgiveness in case he can’t finish. Hunter X Hunter. “At the edge of a lake, a girl named Jin is holding a fishing rod. Suddenly the hook shakes and Jin exclaims, “I got it, I got the king of the lake!” while he skillfully pulls it until he manages to catch the fish. Suddenly we see that next to him there is a woman and Jin says “As I promised you, I caught the king of the lake, mom! But don’t tell me to become a hunter again”, continues- She.

Hunter X Hunter

“The woman next to him, his mother, shakes her head and watches Jin walk away with his prey. Then she turns to her husband, whom we had not seen, and tells him that his daughter’s dream is never to leave the island and inherit the family home. The man laughs, but the woman expresses her displeasure.Maybe he’ll change his mind later. Why are you like this Jin? It’s probably because of the blood of grandmothers Mito and Noko’. The woman does not seem to realize that the two grandmothers are not related by blood, but the man is, although he smiles and remains silent. Then the woman expresses her mother’s wish: “This girl carries the blood of the famous hunter Gon, so one day she will have to leave the island.”

“Jin is heard from a distance shouting defiantly, ‘I’ll never leave!’, even though we don’t see her anywhere anymore. Then the father speaks for the first time: ‘You have a very keen eye’. Suddenly, the scene changes: Mito’s store. Jin has already cleaned the caught fish and it is split and ready to cook. “Mom will never understand. When Grandpa talks about his happy memories as a hunter, Grandma Noko always shifts restlessly in her seat. Every time Grandpa Gon says something about that time, she swears under her breath about the years of waiting and sadness waiting for someone to return. She says she should have made someone wait.

Hunter X Hunter

Just then the door opens and a chubby boy walks in with a plant. ‘I chased the king from the lake, I chased the king from the lake!“, he exclaims. But Jin continues to do his thing. ‘I will always, but always, be with the person I want to be with. Together forever’. The boy arrives and begins to prepare food with her, both with smiles on their faces. A bird flies over the house and leaves the island. We see children, children and grandchildren who live in different places, exchanging smiles. These are the children and grandchildren -children of each character. The bird continues to move away and a silhouette in the distance watches everything. END

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