Wild night at the launch of Michal David’s album: Ondráček, drunken Tofi, emaciated Pavlásek and the beautiful Bagárová

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Musician Michal David (63) had good reason to rejoice. On Monday, the official launch of the Funky 2 album took place at the Maison Municipale wine bar. Many personalities were present at the event, including Jiřina Bohdalová, Monika Bagárová, František Janeček and Leoš Mareš. Former artist and musician Roman Ondráček caused a big commotion during the baptism, which had to be escorted by security, as captured by eXtra.cz photographers.

Michal David named his new album Funky 2 in the wine bar of the Maison Municipale. And the fact that it was a real party is also evident from the photos of the eXtra.cz editors present.

Among the invited celebrities were the presenter Leoš Mareš, the actor Sagvan Tofi, the artist Lukáš Pavlásek, who lost a lot of weight, the singer Jan Bendig, the rapper Ego or the charming singer Monika Bagárová, who looked absolutely stunning in a black outfit. There was also the legendary actress Jiřina Bohdalová, who, despite her advanced age, is ready to entertain.

Ondraček caused a sensation

Roman Ondráček then caused a sensation. He was invited on stage, but he did not stay there and, at one point, spoke unkindly to Michal David. As he left the stage, David’s wife Marcela chastised him for this and, according to Ondráček, punched him in the back and allegedly told him: “So you completely screwed this up here.” This made Ondráček so angry that he even physically attacked Marcela, which did not go unanswered and the security guard had to intervene, as noticed by the editors of eXtra.cz.

Vondráček then asked businessman Leon Tsoukernik to escort him with the help of security. Together, they grabbed the musician and dragged him up the stairs to the front door.

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