Patrasová shone at the premiere of Močál’s story: in a black outfit, she momentarily forgot her worries about the sick Anička

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Dagmar Patrasová (67) came to support her son Felix Slováček Jr. (40) at the premiere of the musical Močál story. The event took place on Monday at the Karlín Musical Theater and Patrasová wore an all-black look for the event, which suited her very well and added mystery with her black hair.

Popular actress Dáda Patrasová has not appeared much in public lately. However, she made an exception by going to support her son Felix Slováček Jr. at the premiere of the musical Močál story. The show was accompanied by a live orchestra composed of four musicians under the direction of Félix.

Patras wore a black Guess t-shirt, which is apparently her favorite, as she has worn it to several events over the years. Additionally, she wore a black jacket, black jeans, a belt with gold details and an elegant black briefcase also with gold details. At the event, Patras was smiling from ear to ear, as can be seen in the photos, and she finally managed to change her mind, at least for a moment.

Hard times

Patrasová and her entire family are currently going through a very difficult time. Anička Slováčková’s daughter (28) has been diagnosed with cancer again, this time lung cancer.

“The feeling I feel cannot be described in words. You can’t even say what is happening inside you. Anička is suffering from the disease for the second time. And the second time is very difficult for her. She is very brave and just tries to live the best she can. I would give my life for my child to be healed! It’s terrible when your child dies. she declared a few weeks ago to lightning Dada in tears.

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