The Last of Us series will have to start filming its second season later than planned

Pedro Pascal, who plays Joel in the series The Last of Us, has such a busy schedule that he has reportedly delayed filming the second season of the HBO series.

The filming of Second Season from the series of The last of us It was reportedly delayed due to the busy schedule of Pedro Pascal, who plays Joel Miller in this successful adaptation of the Naughty Dog video game saga.

according to Maxblizzthe filming of new chapters of The last of us It was scheduled for early January 2024 now that the actors’ strike (which had paralyzed production of the series) has resulted in a historic agreement. However, a last minute change would have postponed filming until February 20, 2024.

Photo from the filming of the series The Last of Us for HBO.

Pedro Pascal, by Joël in The last of us Marvel’s Mr. Fantastic

The last minute change would be nothing more or less than find a place in Pedro Pascal’s agendawho besides Joel in The last of us also aiming to be Reed Richards in Fantastic Four from Marvel and is part of the cast of the highly anticipated Gladiator 2. In any case, the delay of the second season does not seem to have been very long, but rather less than a few months.

Additionally, it doesn’t look like the filming delay will affect the premiere: Episode recording is expected to end on September 9.according to the same source, and the start of the second season was already expected for 2025, so there would be time to complete post-production and assembly of the episodes.

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