Karolína Ruppert will appear in the series Zoo: Cancer changed her life

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Tomáš Klus will be responsible for photographing a children’s choir in the series Zoo, and that’s exactly what he says about the new drama in the form of a new character. She will be the choir director, played by singer Karolína Ruppert, who is a cancer survivor and already avoids the spotlight. She revealed to eXtra.cz editors via TV Prima why she made an exception for the Zoo series.

A children’s choir is photographed at the zoo, which is why photographer Tomáš Klus (37), alias Filip Janda, appears on the posters. While the children are lukewarm, their leader, played by singer Karolína Ruppert, lights up. Should Eva Burešová be careful?

The singer will perform with her own choir

Singer Karolína Ruppert, who has retired from public life in recent years, performed in the series with her own choir. “hLásky is a children’s choir that I direct, and the production offered to come to the shoot with them and perform it right away, or if they invited anyone else. I said if I go with the kids…I’ve been in some commercials, cameo roles haven’t escaped me either, so I’ll take it. Moreover, it will be the most natural for children,” Karolína Ruppert told the eXtra.cz editorial team about her entry into the Zoo series.

His main task was to take an interest in Tomáš Klus alias Filip. I know Tomáš and his wife. We know each other and I love them both. Tomáš is kind and helped me a lot during filming. He downplayed it all, but I can’t seduce men in real life either, so we’ll see how it goes on camera.has she shyly described Karolína, who withdrew from public life.

Learning the height

“I teach children to sing. I have 150 of them and it’s a great job. When the children want to sing, I direct them. Unfortunately, I don’t have children myself, so this job fulfills me enormously. I enjoyed Zoo, but I have major doubts about myself as an “actress”. I don’t really want to return to public life as a singer. I went through cancer and then had to cut everything day by day and adapt everything to treatment. My whole life turned upside down and then I never came back on stage again.” » said Karolina Ruppert.

According to him, he does not refuse offers to sing. But he doesn’t push himself anywhere. In 2022, she gave several concerts as a singer as part of the Lucia in the Opera tour. “It was literally a gift to me” she let herself be heard and added: “I enjoyed it like never before and in those moments I was happy with every cell. But professionally I really enjoy what I do now. Teaching young children is a wonderful and very rewarding activity.”

The second thing that fulfills her is helping those in need. In spring 2022, she began helping pregnant women in difficult life situations. “In cooperation with People in Need, we help pregnant women in need. To date, we have helped more than 500 mothers, and these were really difficult fates and cases,” Karolina explains.

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