“I stay up late because I like to stay up late, even though I know it’s not the healthiest thing to do. Sometimes after playing I crave unhealthy food. Just like yesterday,” it is reported. Tuchel taking into account the 0-0 draw against Copenhagen the previous evening. “I ate a lot of sausages with mustard and pretzels.”

Tuchel often cannot resist the temptation to eat sweets. “Sweets are a big deal, it’s very difficult for me to pass up cake during the day,” admitted the Bayern Munich coach.

In an interview on stage in one of the exhibition halls, the 50-year-old said that proximity between home and training ground is important to him. At Chelsea, he even lived in a house at the training ground for several weeks during the corona pandemic. Tuchel said that in Munich he lives 15 minutes away. The closer he lives to the training ground or stadium, the nicer it is.

“I feel like the older I get, the less I want to spend time in the car because it’s annoying and there’s a lot of traffic,” Tuchel said. The car is the only place where he makes phone calls. My sister and parents knew this too. “It’s very difficult to talk to me on the phone because I never answer. That’s why I only talk on the phone in the car.”

When asked if he wanted to be a politician in his next life, Tuchel laughed. The former PSG and Chelsea coach said he could never do it because he was bored with it. “I won’t be able to speak openly and it will be like a permanent press conference.” And it wasn’t his.
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