Famous couples at the opening of the bar: Puhajková in love with the SuperStar finalist and old love Hanychová

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Celebrities accompanied by their loved ones did not miss the inauguration of the new Prague bar Pruts. For example, Agáta Hanychová and her partner Mirek Dopita, Inna Puhajková and SuperStar finalist Adam Janota, as well as DJ Andrea Pomeje and her boyfriend Petr Plaček arrived hand in hand at the event, which was attended by the editors of ‘extra.

Influencer Agáta Hanychová together with former partner Mirek Dopita was the star of the opening ceremony of the new Prague bar Pruts. The couple barely moved from each other, hugging each other and looking simply inseparable. Plus, it suited Agatha just fine. She looked very elegant and sexy in an all-black outfit with sparkly Christian Louboutin heels and a Gucci belt.

Neither moderator Inna Puhajková she didn’t miss the event and she arrived with her new partner, Superstar finalist Adam Janota. They too shined at the event and looked very happy together. At the same time, the public only learned that they were together recently. According to the information Express they met during sports.

Laughing at Bučková with a friend

Miss Eliška Bučková arrived with her friend and car dealership owner Radek Vácha. At the event, they exchanged affectionate glances, hugged and even kissed. In short, we can see that they are like two lovebirds.

And she also showed her love DJ Andrea Pomejewho has been in a relationship with Petr Plaček for some time. Judging by the photos of the eXtra.cz editorial staff, they also appreciated the openness.

Check out photos of the bar opening in the gallery.

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