Vojta Dyk spoke again about the war in Ukraine and the division of the Czech Republic: he was sharply criticized by the people

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Vojta Dyk’s statements in her latest interview for Čestmír Strakatý’s podcast caused a lot of criticism among the public. Dyk complained that he was bothered by the media coverage of ongoing conflicts and that it bothered him when the war was shown in a crude and direct manner in all media. According to him, this prevents people from giving love and understanding.

This is not the first time that Vojta Dyk has spoken critically about the current situation in society. Already this summer, his interview in which he spoke, among other things, about the war in Ukraine and presented his rather strong opinion on modern technologies. We covered his first interview in a separate article. But today, Vojta Dyk has gone much further and many negative reactions have appeared on social networks.

Overly detailed wars

Vojta Dyk talked about how, in his opinion, the media talks about war conflicts (he probably meant Ukraine and Israel). “I understand that it is good to inform about what is happening, but to just publish some images, let’s say of wars so it seems to me that we no longer see war as something terrible and bad, but I think many of us feel like it’s a game. Because it’s actually online “, said v trailer throughout the interview, adding that he wasn’t sure if his son played computer shooter games or watched media videos.

Dyk divided the people into two camps

We must not close our eyes, but I think that the more we immerse ourselves in it, the less we are then able to give this love and this understanding, Dyk added that people should instead spread positive energy. The indignant reactions of commentators were not long in coming.Very good reviews, indeed. May I salute Vojta Dyk, ” he wrote sarcastically on social network Ivo Zelinka, Commander of the Cybersecurity and Information Forces Group of the Czech Army. “Vojta Dyk is not afraid, but the rest of us should… what will come out of him, ” wrote another commenter. “But that’s how war is going and it makes no sense to turn a blind eye to it, so as not to disrupt our “hard-earned” balance of life as people living in the 1st world, ” writes another.

However, some agree with the singer. “Unfortunately, Vojta Dyk is right about something. Coverage of the war in Ukraine sometimes tends to slide towards the tabloids, i.e. the pursuit of suffering and bloodshed at all costs, while the essential often escapes “, wrote one of his supporters.Social media is flooded with drone or drone videos straight from the battlefield. Many consume edited images of people exploding like a reality show. And it’s wrong ” adds another.

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