New blow for Brenda from Beverly Hills 90210: Shannen Doherty’s cancer has spread to her bones

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Actress Shannen Doherty (52), known in the series Beverly Hills 90210, shared with the public a touching confession about her state of health. Her late-stage breast cancer has progressed to the bones, but Brenda’s representative has decided not to give up and instead wants to be a source of inspiration to other sufferers, as reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail.

‘I’m not done with life yet,’ says Shannen Doherty, known as Brenda on the show Beverly Hills 90210 . Despite the cruel course of a serious illness, the actress does not lose hope and looks to the future with optimism. Despite the advanced stage of her cancer, she remains a courageous fighter and tries to encourage others with her determination.

American who also starred in the series Witchesmade his statement to the magazine People . Determination and optimism do not leave the actress, even despite other complications. Despite the spread of the disease, she was motivated by even greater effort and determination. Already In June, the actress revealed that stage four breast cancer had spread to her brain. Now it also affects the bones.

A tumor named “Bob”

According to the Mayo Clinic Medical Research Institute, it belongs breast cancer to those most likely to lead to brain metastases, which can cause a tumor or multiple formations in the brain. Shannen explained that she had her first radiotherapy session on January 12 and was scared despite the support of a “wonderful” medical team.

Then she also had to undergo surgery to remove a brain tumor that she humorously named “Bob”. “ They had to cut it open and dissect it to determine its pathology. It was definitely one of the scariest things I have ever experienced in my life. “quoted the actress Daily Mail .

“I’m not done with life. I haven’t finished loving. I haven’t finished creating. I’m not done with how I hope to change things for the better. I’m just not finished yet ” she told reporters with a smile, indicating that the fight against the disease had forced her to think more deeply about the meaning and purpose of life.

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