Karel Svoboda’s sons won’t deny their father: everyone has a different mother, but Petr and Jakub are just like her

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The deceased composer’s eldest son, Petr Svoboda, published a book called Žít, and from the photo of the baptism, taken by the Herminapress agency, the resemblance is very obvious. But the younger son, Jakub, whom Karel had with Vendula Pizingerová, cannot be refused either. Both sons have thick eyebrows and a prominent nose like their father’s.

Petr Svoboda, the eldest son of the late genius musician Karel Svoboda, has decided to publish a book Live, which is full of information about his father. When it launched, however, it was abundantly clear that they had more in common than facial features.

Appearance and stubbornness

For Herminapress as Petr confided that he and his father had various similarities. “I’m stubborn, just like him. I’m a stickman” Peter revealed. But we can also see the same eyes, the same nose and the thick eyebrows, as if they had fallen out of his eye. While posing, the son of the most famous Czech composer even looked as tough as his father once did. Since Petr grew a beard, it added a bit more to the look.

Handsome Jakub

We cannot forget the second son, Jakub, aged eighteen, who unfortunately almost did not live to see his father. The composer had it with Vendula Pizingerová who, as we have already written, recently took her son to the Czech Nightingale and gave birth to a very handsome man. The older Jakub gets, the more he resembles his father. Again, there is also the same nose and lush brown curls.

Peter had Svoboda with his first wife Hana called Šiška. The composer died in 2007 by committing suicide in the garden of his house in Jevany.

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