Love goes well to Eliška Bučková: they coo like doves with the owner of the car dealership, Radek

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We see that love really proves to him. Model and miss Eliška Bučková (34) has been happily engaged to car dealership owner Radek Vácha (43) for some time. In addition, they appeared together at the opening of the new Pruts bar, where they practically did not tear each other apart and exchanged loving glances, as captured by the editors present.

Beauty queen Eliška Bučková is really happy. This is evident from the photos taken by the editorial staff during the opening of the Pruts bar in the center of Prague.

Her partner, car showroom owner Radek Vácha, arrived with her at the inauguration. At the event, they exchanged affectionate glances, hugged and even kissed. In short, we can see that they are like two lovebirds.

Family idyll

The model showed off her partner for the first time in 2022 via Instagram . “It was an exceptional year. Full of emotions, changes, joy, tears, pain, regret, love, happiness. We said from the beginning that we would always act in the truth, love and freedom. Our love and our decision was difficult for many people, including us. But we’re just people who fell in love like never before in our lives. And I thank God that I can perhaps say today that we are all happy and perhaps more than ever.” Bučková wrote about their first photo together.

The couple even lives together in a house outside Prague. Additionally, Vách’s two sons, from a previous relationship, often spend time with them.

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