Obermaier spat out Hardbolcová’s funeral. She said she had a performance, but before that she asked for something else

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The funeral of actress Zdena Hadrbolcová (†86) took place at the Strašnické crematorium and many actors came to say their last goodbyes. Among them were, for example, Iva Hüttnerová (74 years old), Ondřej Pavelka (68 years old), Ljuba Krbová (65 years old) or Libuše Švormová (88 years old). Her closest friend, Jaroslava Obermaierová (77), was also expected, she said she would arrive, but in the end she did not. Blesk editors found out why this was so.

Zdena Hadrbolcová starred with Jaroslava Obermaierová in the endless series Ulice, and they also shared a strong friendship. However, she did not arrive at Hadrbolcová’s funeral, which took place on Thursday, November 30 in Strašnice, as reported by the eXtra.cz editors present.

“I have a show”, she apologized according to the website lightning Obermaierová Thursday afternoon. A few hours earlier, she had announced her arrival. “We also had to deal with staggered filming dates. You just have to go for it.” revealed the actress.

Bohdalová and Švormová came

His absence surprised not only his fellow actors, but also fans of the Ulice series. “You know, I haven’t been to many funerals since my mother died. It affects me very emotionally. Obermaier explained the reason for her absence and added that she still had to collect her glasses for Thursday’s performance at the theater.

On the contrary, those who arrived at the funeral were, for example, the actors Jiřina Bohdalová, Jiří Štrébl, the artist Iva Hüttnerová, Ivan Vyskočil, Ondřej Pavelka, Libuše Švormová, Dana Batulková or Ljuba Krbová. “I would like to remember her as a wonderful, sensational, charming and funny woman who I loved. And not just me,” Hüttner recalled this in his speech.

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