In their first podcast episode together, “Die” Poshers! Fresh recycled” (exclusively in Podimo) in front of an audience in Cologne Oliver Pocher (45) and ex-wife Alessandra “Sandy” Meyer-Welden (40) take a closer look at their patchwork family life. Among other things, they tell the story of how they met and their first dates. And it quickly becomes clear to anyone who listens to the two of them: they complement each other perfectly on stage together. Pocher has to put up with more than he would like.


Oliver Pocher settles scores with Gil Ofarim

Patricia Kempf

First flirtation with a laceration on the forehead

It was a harsh winter evening in February 2009. Pocher recently broke up with his long-time partner, ex-fiancée Monica Ivancan (46 years old). After performing on tour, he energetically walked into a famous Berlin bar – following boxing legend Wladimir Klitschko (47). Following the boxing giant, the swinging door at the entrance to the bar hit him on the forehead so suddenly that he received a laceration. “There was blood all over. At this time I was handed a towel and ice cubes. So I walked past your table.” Meyer-Welden recalls: “That same evening a gala concert “Cinema for Peace” took place in Berlin. She sat with designer Michael Michalski (56), Jenny Elvers (51) and model Shermin Shahrivar (41). “You told us, ‘Three months of stand-up are sitting at one table.’”

Then they talked for more than an hour and agreed to meet at a performance in Munich. Posher: “When I texted her, she replied, “Can I bring someone else with me? There are 14 of us.” Without further ado, he ordered 14 additional chairs to be placed in the sold-out Circus Krone. Apparently, something sparked while drinking after a show at the bar: “We got along pretty well that night,” Pocher said.


Amira Pocher “no longer has any social environment”

After divorce, today there is unity again

Three children and a few years later, their marriage became history in 2013. A divorce followed, the consequences of which today seem to have been overcome. The two get along brilliantly on stage, with Meyer-Welden not only taking the punch, but playing it off fiercely – and it’s all in good fun. She says of the then-divorce lawyer: “She destroyed me so much that I have since recommended her to all my friends. She’s just good at her job.”

Prenuptial agreement with Amira: “I’m delighted”

Regarding Pocher’s ex-wife Amira (31 years old), the prenuptial agreement with her and the possible upcoming divorce, Pocher recalls Amira’s interview with the Bunte newspaper: “In the interview, she said that a marriage contract is concluded only for love, not for love.” because of the money. And then we will have to look in court whether he was really there only because of love or because of the money. From my side, it is relatively uncomplicated. I do not have any important points that would need specify. I’m excited.” Meyer-Welden comments dryly: “At least you learned a lot from your first marriage to me. We didn’t have a prenup.”
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