Linda Blair Reveals Her Traumatic History With ‘The Exorcist’ and How It Affected Her Life

Linda Blair reveals how ‘The Exorcist’ shaped her entire childhood and, despite receiving critical acclaim and acclaim, complicated her life for decades. He has now returned to the saga.

The Exorcist: Believer It has been a resounding box office failure since Universal. Despite everything and the bad reviews, the major He has not given in and will cement a new saga in the future. At this stage, Linda Blairwho made an appearance in the last installment, remembers his relationship with the character of Regan MacNeil, for which he got a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination. Despite the positive things, Blair admits how she struggled with the film and its legacyand how much it traumatized him to be part of this production of terror.

A heritage of which she is proud but with which she experienced very difficult times: Linda Blair reveals her traumatic experience in The Exorcist

Blair, who also remembers the late William Friedkin and how his experience filming brought unexpected challenges and some pretty traumatic experiences. While the new opus of the saga, The Exorcist: the deceiverwill be released in theaters on April 18, 2025, the truth is that Blair looks back to explain how her life changed forever with the first installment. On your website, Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundationreveals his turbulent relationship with the saga.

The Exorcist

“It’s never going to go away. Isn’t it amazing that, years later, people are still so involved to the point of sharing the film with their friends or children?Blair said. The actress recalled that her life and The Exorcist They are so intertwined that it is difficult to separate them. “It’s a film for adults. I actually saw it again the other night, it was on TV, I wanted to see it, I wanted to refresh my memory. And working with Max von Sydow, working with Jason Miller, working with Billy Friedkin… “I don’t know, that show was a tribute to Friedkin and it was fascinating,” he says. “He’s a very precise director and He instilled in me many things, good and bad, which were very difficult. this film it wasn’t easy“.

Good and bad things happened; I have a lot of trauma from this film, people should know how I experienced it

“Bringing it to the screen didn’t happen without a lot of complications. The industry didn’t want the film. They fought hard and they got it. But a lot happened during that time… There is a lot of trauma there.. I will talk about it in my autobiographyIf I ever have time, so people can better understand the journey I had to go through. This has been difficult for me, but I want people to understand how the public has treated me, how churches, religious groups and those who run this country have treated me. They can love you and want to hang you at the same timeand it is very dangerous,” he concluded.

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