On November 8, Hannelore Cramm died in Kitzbühel at the age of 82. Wife Heino suffered sudden cardiac death. The pop star has now spoken out Conversation with Bild (Paid content) about the people who support him now. He also explained what would happen to the property in Austria that was in Hannelore’s name in the land registry.

Heino currently lives with his manager Helmut Werner and his wife in Styria, but this is about to change. “Next spring we will all move to our house in Kitzbühel together because we have become an adult family. I couldn’t go back to the house alone, I would go crazy,” Heino told the newspaper.


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“But Helmut and Nicole do everything for me, and their little Lenny brings me a little joy even in moments of sadness. I thank the Lord that now I have three of them.”

Heino and Hannelore bequeath their house to manager Helmut Werner

The future of the house has also become clearer, the 84-year-old said. “By Hannelore’s will and mine, after my death, Helmut will inherit the house and everything we have worked on together over the past few years.” This was agreed upon and also written into Hannelore’s will. “She loved Helmut like a son. Fortunately, we worked everything out while Hannelore was still alive. Because now would be a bad time for that.”


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Heino’s son Ove, who comes from the singer’s first marriage to Henriette Heppner, must leave empty-handed. The singer explained that he will not inherit anything from Hannelore, since she is not his biological mother. “Once I leave, he will get his fair share and nothing more. I’m not ready to give anything to someone who has never done anything for me and Hannelore.”

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