Paralyzed commentator Tomáš Lachman: biathlete Ondřej Moravec sent him a touching message

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Tomáš Lachman (47) was known in the world of biathlon as a devoted fan and also a passionate commentator of the sport. However, in May this year he fell down the stairs and became partially paralyzed. Although his health improves, he remains undefeated. Former biathlon legend Ondřej Moravec (39) recalled Lachman for iSport.

In early May, journalist Tomáš Lachman suffered a serious accident while on vacation, leaving him partially paralyzed. As mentioned a few days ago iSport , he was lying motionless on the bed after falling down the stairs, and the doctors were not very optimistic. Lachman was virtually unresponsive. However, over time his health improved a little. “OFhe even began to communicate to a limited extent and move slightly. And we all hope that he continues to progress.” a person close to the family, who did not wish to be named, revealed to the previously mentioned website.

Former biathlete and nine-time world championship and Olympic medalist Ondřej Moravec was also surprised by an unexpected injury. “It was an incredible shock. Lachec traveled with us to the races for many years as a journalist, froze at the shooting range, endured everything there honestly, visited us in our rooms. We we always got along very well, he was a fair person, very kind”, Former star biathlete Moravec pro recalled Lachman iSport .

He was replaced by Jílek and Soukalová

“Fingers crossed for him and his family, this must be extremely difficult for them. I hope they are strong and can handle it added Moravec. The two got along well will even meet at the Biathlon World Championships in Nové mesto in Moravia. Moravec will act as an expert here. He ended his brilliant sporting career in 2021.

Lachman’s place is currently replaced by Tomáš Jílek, whom viewers know mainly as a hockey and Tour de France commentator, as well as former biathlon star Gabriela Soukalová. “I’m looking forward to taking on a new challenge and seeing biathlon from a completely different perspective,” revealed Soukalová in a press release available on

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