CCXP23: Why is Evidências a success? Sandy responds!

Singer Sandy was present at the CCXP23 Thunder Stage, which took place on Thursday (30), to promote the film Evidence of Love.

The film tells the story of Marco and Laura, who meet at a karaoke bar while singing the song Evidências.

The two make a perfect couple, but after the wedding, something strange starts to happen. Every time the song plays, Marco travels through his memories with Laura.

After the performance on the Thunder Stage, Sandy and director Pedro Antônio Paes went to the Omelete Stage for an interview.

During the chat, the singer was asked about the reason for the song Evidence be so successful.

It is inexplicable. It’s very difficult to explain the success of a song because it’s something we can’t measure. It’s pure emotion. Music is the emotion it awakens in people. That’s what makes a song successful“, began the artist.

There are some things like, the song is commercial, it has a melody that is easy to learn, it has lyrics that are easy to learn, it has something that people identify with because it is a very romantic love song It’s difficult, kind of impossible“, she added

Sandy finished her idea by saying: “So people identify with each other, but there is this extra factor that is immeasurable, there is no way for us to talk about it. It’s kind of magical.”

Watch the trailer in Evidence of Love:

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CCXP23 takes place from November 30th to December 3rd. Evidence of Love is scheduled to arrive in theaters in 2024.

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