“What a shame, especially today when antisemitism is such a huge problem and so many people are subjected to antisemitic abuse. Gil Ofarim “Of course, you did everyone a disservice with this,” begins Oliver Pocher video he recently shared on Instagram. He captioned the video with the words “Screen control – Gil Ofarim is talking nonsense…”.

What’s happened? Musician Gil Ofarim has been in court since early November on charges of libel and false suspicion. Two years ago, a 41-year-old man posted a video on Instagram in which he accused a hotel employee in Leipzig of anti-Semitism towards him. The hotel employee, Mr. V., described the incident differently from the very beginning: witnesses said that Ofarim began to insult him in the hotel lobby. However, the musician adhered to his version of anti-Semitism until the trial.

Oliver Pocher on Gil Ofarim: “You can’t beat his audacity”

The trial took place in 2023, when Jews again have to fear for their lives after Hamas terrorist attacks, including in Germany. However, on Tuesday, November 28, Ofarim made an unexpected confession. “The accusations are true. Mr. V.,” he said in court, “I would like to apologize to you. Sorry, I deleted the video.”

Posher apparently reserved the video in advance, as in his Instagram post he showed excerpts from it on a tablet held up to the camera. Meanwhile, Pocher made several smug comments about Ofarim’s story, shaking his head repeatedly.

He then cleared up and described what Ofarim did two years ago as “a little PR tour of Germany.” The musician then told his story in detail to several media outlets. Oliver Pocher had clear words about this: it was “unsurpassed in its audacity” and “truly sad.”


Gil Ofarim confesses in court – criticism from the Central Council of Jews

“You think you’re a little hotter than most people”

Oliver Pocher has already commented on Ofarim’s video in 2021. “Since I’ve known you, you’re a little hotter than most.” Even then, he did not believe the musician either that the incident in Leipzig happened exactly like that, or that Ofarim then cried in front of the camera. Two years ago, he “didn’t buy” the “tears he expressed.”

Pocher’s video received many likes (more than 35,000 on November 29 at 12 noon) and support for his video in a short period of time. “Thanks for showing this again so everyone can see what he did to a co-worker,” one wrote, while another said: “I just love how Oliver Pocher always tells the truth even when it makes him feel bad.” And another user wrote: “Well done! Your dark humor is world class.”

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