Karlos Vémola’s fear about the tigress Antonia: They want to put her in terrible conditions, it’s pathetic there, he says

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Famous MMA fighter Karlos Vémola has been busy lately. After learning that his tigress, Antonie Ramba, was going to be transferred to Germany, he decides to visit her new home. On his Instagram, he admitted to his live subscribers that when he saw the conditions in which his “pet” would be found, he was very afraid for her.

Do not punish the animal

MMA wrestler Karlos Vémola recently found himself in a tricky situation. The Ministry of the Environment wants to collect its tigress Ramba in December and take it outside the borders of the Czech Republic. On his IInstagram the famous athlete decided to correct some discrepancies. “The first is that they talked about it as if I had forged papers. I didn’t have false papers for this tiger. The tiger came to me with papers issued by the Ministry of the Environment, and they later discovered that they had done something wrong. » explained the wrestler, who is happy that the police did not confiscate these documents from him, so that he can prove that the fault is not his part.

“I got fined, I have to fix some things, I agree with everything, but she is not a wild tiger. She is a tiger who lives with us. She is also used to the lion with whom “she’s in the paddock. In short, she’s used to a certain environment, and so they want to take her somewhere from here.” explained Karlos’ predicament a while ago CNN Prime News .Vémola admitted his mistake during his interview, namely that he had not completed all the documents correctly. “I was punished for that too. In the Czech Republic, if you commit an offense involving animals, you will be fined about 5,000 crowns, I received 200,000,” the drummer revealed the amount of his fine. “I dare say that this is perhaps the highest amount that an individual has received for poor breeding in the Czech Republic,” Carlos added.

“I said from the beginning: don’t punish the animal, punish me. But now it’s getting to the point where they’re actually going to punish the animal.” » lamented the owner of the beast, speaking of yet another alleged lie. “They said no state institution wanted her. It is not true that they have to go to a public institution. The Ministry of the Environment has already removed several animals, and since there was no place for them, they placed them in private farms, which I also proved and justified,” continued Vémola in his narrative.

Terrible conditions

Not only does Karlos Vémola have a relationship with the tigress, but also his entire family. “She’s been practicing on me, so let me make sure the animal gets into good condition.” Not at your expense, it will cost hundreds of thousands of crowns and you will pay for it from the ministry’s finances. I will personally arrange transportation, veterinarian, whatever is necessary,” said the athlete in the stream, who is also happy to pay for a new enclosure for his adopted pet.

“I found four different places to put them. I understand that they may not have liked two of them, but for those of you who love animals, go to Biopark Štít”, he challenged his fans, adding that this is where they would like to receive his love. “It’s a great place for animals.” » he added, emphasizing that the authorities responsible for placing the animals did not like this place.

Vémola looked further to offer a zoo specializing directly in animal breeding. “Coincidentally, they recently lost a golden tiger, there was an enclosure of 600 m2 left, which is one of the largest enclosures in the Czech Republic in a private breeding facility,” explained the famous drummer who was forbidden by the ministry to build a giant enclosure for the animal on his own property.

The MMA wrestler tried to convince the authorities not to remove the tiger from the Czech Republic, but they did not want to comply either.After two years of searching, they found a facility in Germany. I am terribly disappointed with the device”, lamented Karlos, who also showed the video of the German race on his social network. “I had to put music on the video because my comments probably weren’t suitable for Instagram when I saw it, and of course it was the first impression, which was terrible.” he explained sadly.

Karlos does not lose hope

Vémola believes the tiger will travel to Germany mainly because the ministry will get rid of the animal and no longer have to worry about it. “He probably thinks I’m one of those breeders who doesn’t care. But I was not lazy and immediately went to him. I rang the bell, they weren’t very happy and after about five minutes several police patrols rushed towards the gate.” Karlos told how his trip to Germany was, where the sister of his tigress Ramba Charlotte is supposed to be kept, which according to him is another lie and another problem.

“It’s a lie because they’ve never seen each other. A tiger is a loner and it’s not exactly easy to put a tiger with a tiger, when mine is a moron. It’s not not a tiger, it’s a cat in a bottle, it’s a black beast. If you throw her to another tiger, there is a good chance that tiger will kill her, which scares me the most,” Vémola said of her nightmare.

Eventually, one of the German zoo employees took pity on Karlos and showed him the place where Ramba was to be transferred. “It’s completely pathetic. In a closed place with electricity, no access to the public. These animals are basically thrown into solitary confinement for life and someone can collect subsidies for this. The device is terrible for me and I Wasn’t excited about him at all.” he explained to his followers, who will soon post more videos of the place on Instagram. They refused to show him the Czech tigress, who was supposed to be Karlos’ sister, because they claimed she was locked up for some reason.

They want to come get Ramba as early as December, when she will be asleep in the freezing weather before the difficult move. “I’m more willing to organize everything myself, transfer her to any facility here, but they don’t want to give me that space, so I wonder why they have to punish the animal like that,” he said softly. “All I want is for her to be in great shape.” Carlos added.

Hope is the last to die, they want to come get her in a few days and I’m doing everything possible and impossible to stop her. Not so that she stays with me at all costs, but so that she goes in good conditions, and I believe that animals should have their own rights,” Vémola added in conclusion.

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