Fighter Anička Slováčková: The worst words she hears. Like when they spit on you, he explains

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Singer Anička Slováčková is going through an extremely difficult time. However, the fight against an insidious disease is not the only one he tackles. As Anna has now described on social media, even the frequently asked questions about her, no matter how well-intentioned, don’t help. “One of the worst things you can say to a sick person is…” she mentioned in the introduction.

Anička Slováčková once again proves that she is a great fighter during the last few months, which have been very demanding for the singer. Just when she thought the worst was behind her, the cancer returned with a vengeance. And although the family, the closest environment and even the fans try to be the greatest possible support for Anna, this is not always to her advantage.

It’s one of the worst things you can say to a sick person… 1. You are young, you can do it. 2. And did you really have to shave your hair? 3. So you’re probably not that bad / you’re probably not that bad when you’re like that OR you, you lost weight, you look really great!!! 4. So-and-so died for me. 5. There are people much worse off, so don’t complain. she has now talked about it in an article on hers social networks and she commented on each sentence point by point.

Interview with Anička Slováčková:

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Like spitting in the face, he said

“I won’t even comment on the first point, it seems completely inappropriate to me. Second point: I guess people who lose their hair due to treatment shave their heads just for fun, right ?,” the singer began.

“Third point – try not to comment too much on the physical changes our body goes through during treatment. Most of the time, there’s not much we can do about it, and it only bothers us. Fourth point: of course we are sorry for your loss, but that doesn’t add up to much positive thinking. Fifth point, ugh. Well, I don’t want to speak for everyone, so of course I know people have it a hundred times worse, and I’m terribly sorry that anyone has to go through any difficulties in life, but it feels like someone literally spitting in your face. Each of us has a different tolerance limit, and it’s not fair to tell anyone at any time,” she added.

It helps me when someone listens to me

At the end of the message, the singer summarized how those around him should treat the sick. But he says that this is of course a very sensitive subject that not everyone perceives in the same way. Generally speaking, according to the singer, empathy is important.

She highlighted what specifically helps her.Personally, it helps me the most if someone listens to me. It’s clear to me that people mean most things right, even if I sometimes say stupid things. It’s all quite individual, so it’s good to try to be as empathetic to others as possible. And if we want to avoid certain inappropriate comments and we don’t know how to react, then let’s ask ourselves directly how the person in question wants the environment to communicate with them. Someone might not want to talk about it at all. Someone will want pity. Someone will want to take it with humor. I don’t think we’ll hurt anything by offering to help or saying “here for you.” All thought and written with absolute love and humility. This message is not intended to offend anyone,” she concluded.

Of course, Anička is supported by the whole family – her mother Dáda Patrasová, her father Felix Slováček and her older brother Felix. Last but not least, it is also about her partner, whom the singer has not yet presented to the public because she likes her privacy.

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