Jiří Bartoška’s luck in misfortune: the cancer was caught in time. The tumor will be easier to remove

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A few days ago, Blesk.cz seriously announced that the president of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival was once again fighting an insidious cancer after nine years. Fortunately, experts detected the disease in time and Jiří Bartoška’s prognosis for recovery is favorable.

Good outlook

Actor Jiří Bartoška is not going through the most pleasant times. Experts diagnosed him with a return of the oncological disease against which the director of the Karlovy Vary Festival fought almost ten years ago. According to information on the site Blesk.cz but has fortunately, good prospects, thanks to regular preventive examinations.

“It was a completely unfamiliar situation for me. Despite my health sins, I have never been sick. But it is very scary with cancer. It is a serious illness, but not a mystery. And the more you think to her, the worse it is. On the other hand, if you try to ignore her, she might get offended and leave.” Bartošek revealed years ago according to the website I see! .

More chances of recovery

Jiří Bartoška is also very lucky in that he is the so-called encapsulated tumor, which cancer experts say is much easier to eliminate. Once the patient is able to cope with the cancer, it is usually under control for several more years. But the disease returned to the famous actor after nine long years. This is when the Tiger Theory star was diagnosed malignant disease of the lymph nodes of the interthorax and the only option to fight the cancer was to undergo chemotherapy immediately. At that time, he was much younger to fight the disease, but even at an older age, this insidious disease does not have fatal consequences.

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