Death of dancer Filip Jankovič: the damning news of his death spreads on social networks

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According to information on social networks, dancer Filip Jankovič, known from the second series of SuperStar, has died. A photo with the inscription RIP appeared on the Instagram stories of him and his friend Karel Šlajchrt.

There are many reports circulating on social media that dancer Filip Jankovič has died. He rose to fame mainly through his participation in the second series of the singing competition SuperStar. Later, the controversial dancer also became famous for living alternately with men and women, or for the fact that he liked to dance in women’s high-heeled shoes.

On his social network a photo from his youth with the words RIP has now surfaced and a similar photo with the same inscription is also visible on Instagram his friend Karel Šlajchrt, with whom he had been in a relationship for years.

Mysterious Instagram

The website also wrote that the dancer should have died CR reports . Jankovič has over thirty thousand followers on her Instagram, but all her photos have been mysteriously deleted and only one remains. On it, he walks down the stairs with the words “Bye” as if saying goodbye.

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