Sailor Moon is featured in the next issue of Vogue, with an interview with its creator, Naoko Takeuchi

It’s been more than 30 years since the manga “Sailor Moon” began to be serialized and became a story about female determination.

Sailor Moon, a series that has marked generations, continues to shine thanks to its creator, Naoko Takeuchi. The protagonist, Usagi, proved to be an icon of strength and determination, which earned him the title of legend in the anime world; and that’s why it’s featured for the first time in Vogue Japan.

My older cousins ​​recommended tons of women’s manga from the 1970s and I spent my childhood glued to them.

Recently, in the interview with Vogue which will be included in the January 2024 issue, Takeuchi brings fans a new art from Usagi, creating an impressive illustration that highlights the essence of the character. In this new work, warrior Luna appears in her sailor uniform and a black and red-toned cape, retaining her iconic twin braids hairstyle and wielding one of her legendary sacred weapons.

“My mother recommended picture books, complete literary works, Disney films and animations, and my older cousins ​​recommended tons of manga for girls from the 1970s. I spent my childhood glued to them” , says the creator of the environment.

Since 1991, Usagi has maintained his signature style, a testament to Takeuchi’s enduring legacy. built over more than three decades. Despite the passage of time, the essence and charm of Sailor Moon remains intact, with Takeuchi at the helm of the successful universe of these magical warriors. This continued commitment to the series is a clear example of Sailor Moon’s cultural impact and enduring relevance in Japan and around the world.

For those who have yet to explore this anime, Kodansha Comics is overseeing the publication of the manga in the United States, and the series is available on platforms like Hulu and Netflix.

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