The future of ‘Spider-Man 4’ is uncertain but Tom Holland, Marvel and Sony continue to work on the film

British actor Marvel and Sony continue to negotiate and develop a fourth installment for Spider-Man. Even if nothing is closed, Tom Holland maintains the hope of becoming Peter Parker again.

Spider-Man: No Way Home enjoyed unprecedented success in 2021. The film Sony and Marvel It raised more than $1.9 billion, which is a phenomenon for wall robots and the arachnid universe in a scenario where the coronavirus pandemic was still very recent. Tom Hollandmain actor, met other character actors such as Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfieldleading to Peter Parker of the British actor, in an ideal setting to start from scratch. In this scenario, as Sony prepares new sequels based on Spider-Man villains and characters, many are wondering if Tom Holland will return in a hypothetical Spider-Man 4which although seems to be on the right track, has been on the air for several months.

Tom Holland claims that Marvel and Sony

The scene for Spider-Man 4 it’s very complicated. Holland explained his assets and liabilities terms for a new film under the mask, and although he wants to see the return of Spidey on the big screen, he is not completely closed. Collider was able to speak with Tom Holland, who revealed that Marvel Studios and Sony are still working to straighten out the fourth arachnid film, indicating that he wants to don the suit but that everything doesn’t seem so simple.

Spider Man

“All I can say is that We actively engaged in conversations about what a fourth interpretation of my character might look like.. Whether or not we can find a way to do it justice is another story,” Holland confirms. We know the film is on hiatus, still being conceptualized, so its path to the screen is still a long way off. “I’m very protective of Spider-Man. I feel very, very lucky to have been able to work a saga that got better and more successful with each film: I think he’s really weird and I want to protect his legacy. Afterwards, I won’t do another one just to do it: it will have to be worth it for the character,” concluded the actor.

We are actively working on the film, but nothing has been decided yet.

It must be explained that the major continues to build its universe of Marvel characters with different films based on Spider-Man villains and supporting characters such as Kraven the Hunter And Madame Webwhich join other projects such as Venom and its third part and which are added to those existing such as Morbius. Spider-Man 4 This would be part of Sony’s plans to build new ideas for the saga and its cinematographic development. Will there be any luck?

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