In the second season of “Paris in Love” he performs Paris Hilton about the “difficult decision” to carry a second child with a surrogate mother.

According to this, Hilton would like to experience the pregnancy experience herself: “I would really like to see how the baby grows in my stomach, feel its kicks and experience all these exciting moments.” “People” quotes from the first episode. The reason for surrogacy was that Hilton’s life was “so public.”


‘My best era so far’: Paris Hilton talks about her happiness as a mother

Paris Hilton also surprised her family with her second child

London’s daughter is biologically from Hilton and her husband Carter Reum and was carried by a surrogate mother. The birth of the second child came as a big surprise to the public. As she recently did in Talk show “Live! With Kelly and Mark” The hotel heiress also surprised her family with the baby news. Accordingly, she showed up unannounced to Thanksgiving dinner with her newborn baby in her arms. “They just couldn’t believe it. It was the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had,” Paris said.


Paris Hilton had 45 dresses in her closet for her wedding.

Paris’ son, Phoenix Barron Hilton, was born via surrogate in January 2023. V Interview with British Glamor In March, Paris explained why she chose this method of having children. Her life as a public figure was not the reason then.

Rather, she fears doctors’ offices and the physical process of childbirth: an episode of her former reality show The Simple Life in which she was in the room as a woman gave birth left her forever scarred. “But I really wanted a family, it’s just the physical part… I’m just so scared. Birth and death are the two things that scare me more than anything else,” Paris said.
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Daughter London: All the information about Paris Hilton's second child!

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