About three weeks before Christmas Eve, remember Vincent Weiss In an interview with the news outlet, he recalls his best Christmas gift – a mountain bike he received at a young age. “I lived in a small village (Eutin in Schleswig-Holstein, editor’s note), where the bus went once a day. If you were under 18 and didn’t have a car or scooter, you were trapped in this village… trust your parents to take you,” says the 30-year-old.

When the bicycle ended up under the tree, it was “the biggest blow of freedom” for him. “I could go to friends’ houses, to football games, to school.”

This is how Vincent Weiss celebrates Christmas

Today, he mostly gives his family “gifts of time.” Spending time with family, even outside of the holidays, is very important to Weiss. “We always plan a family day. It could be an event or a trip that we then experience with our grandparents,” says the “Under My Skin” translator. Christmas happens every year in my grandparents’ basement. Dinner includes a large table and traditional raclette. Another tradition: the “colorful plate.” “My grandfather buys tons of candy—a whole cart full of shopping. He sets us large colorful plates with tons of candy. They’re about three times the size of a regular plate.”


Vincent Weiss on new album: ‘I wanted to help bridge the gap’

With mulled wine in the studio

In the spring, Weiss began writing his own songs for his first Christmas album. With the release of Vincent’s White Christmas on December 1, his long-time dream will come true. He and his team released a total of 15 of their own songs. To get into the Christmas spirit, the studio was decorated accordingly. “In the spring and summer we had Christmas parties,” says the musician, “including a Christmas tree, cookies and mulled wine.

“I would like to have more self-discipline next year.”

As much as Weiss values ​​his time in the studio and on stages in Germany, he also wants “a little more self-discipline in 2024, to be able to say no more, find peace and spend more time alone.” For the singer, holidays like Christmas are a time to reflect on family, love and the positive moments of the year. What about New Year’s resolutions? “I think I’m like most people: I live very healthy for the first month of the year, exercise a lot, and no later than February everything will be thrown out again. That’s what I’m going to do this time: live a healthier, fitter life.”
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