Hunter x Hunter creator reveals what the manga was originally supposed to look like and the protagonist’s fate is very different

Yoshihiro Togashi recalls that he was unable to complete the manuscript on time after his idea was rejected by the editor.

Yoshihiro Togashi, the famous mangaka behind Hunter X Hunterhe revealed in a interview rare in Japan, surprising details about his creative process for manga. From the beginning, Togashi had a clear idea of ​​the plot and setting of the series: an alternative world where hunters, specialized professionals, play a crucial role.

I had to draw the section right before this part and revise my initial plans.

His original vision focused on the first three chapters, with the intention of creating a flexible and enduring story. Togashi originally intended that the series will start with the hunter exam and that the protagonist, Gon, failed in his first attempt, which would lead to a jump in time in the story. However, this idea was abandoned after discussing it with his editor, forcing Togashi to adjust his plans and focus more on Hunter Exam developmentwhere he meets and even befriends other characters.

Togashi had already portrayed some characters from the beginning, including Gon, Killua, and Hisoka. These would constitute the fundamental pillars of the story: the hero, the friend and the villain. Togashi’s approach to plot development was to first establish a narrative structure and then fill it with details. Although he had a general idea of ​​the plot, the rejection of his first idea caused him to modify his initial plans and work intensively on the sections preceding this part of the story.

“In that sense, I had a rough idea of ​​the outline of the story to come, but since the time jump idea was rejected, I had to draw the section right before that part and revise my plans “I remember I probably couldn’t finish the manuscript that week,” says Togashi.

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