Kevin Feige has a blacklist at Marvel and has banned two people from the MCU forever

Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, has been running a successful film empire for years. Now, in the midst of the superhero crisis, the enmities he earned along the way arise.

Kevin Feigewho still suffers from the failure of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, attempts to channel the once-successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rumors have been swirling about big actors and actresses returning, and while they recover from the recent setback in Wondersnotes, anecdotes and insights continue to emerge about Feige’s decisions over the years and his feuds that arose between the most diverse projects.

Kevin Feige Has Two Names Banned From Marvel Forever: He Never Wants To Work With These Actors Again

As we already told you, the recent publication of MCU: The reign of Marvel Studiosbook written by Joanna Robinson, Dave Gonzalez and Gavin Edwards, highlights the growth and success of this saga of films and series based on the stories of La Casa de las Ideas. Although the vast majority of these films end with accolades and applause, with a large family of actors and actresses linked to countless projects, in the pages of the book we also find Kevin Feige’s loud clashes with some of the stars he’s worked with over the years.


One of them is Edward Nortonwhich caused countless fights and problems in chaos The Incredible Hulkbringing to life a unique Bruce Banner who was replaced by Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers. The tension was such that Marvel decided to take shortcuts regarding Edward Norton. The actor, who was going to be the Bruce Banner of the cinematic universe, will not appear again, remaining out of future projects. The other is none other than Joss Whedonwho was accused of abuse and being very controlling on set, but was caught by Feige like before.

Joss Whedon and Edward Norton had big clashes with Kevin Feige

Director of The Avengers I wanted to create Agents of SHIELD, a series that never quite fit Feige’s plans, since the films told us about the fall of SHIELD when we saw how HYDRA operated hidden within. In fiction, they continued to operate clandestinely, generating changes in the way events were told. Whedon ignored what was told in the films and what was proposed by Kevin Feige and hid behind Jeph Loeb, head of the television division, who gave him creative freedom.

Joss Whedon

What happened? Well, years went by, and when Marvel Studios got involved in TV development at Disney+, they cut corners: everything that had come before Scarlet Witch and Vision It is not considered part of the sacred timeline. We will see what the future holds for us now that even Spider-Man 4 It seems almost impossible. With the genre affected, with Jodie Foster even believing that it was all just a phase, Marvel needs to reinvent itself.

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