For Zack Snyder, it doesn’t matter whether there are robots or not in Justice League’s #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign

The director also did not want to respond to accusations that there are toxic fans, assuring that “we cannot deny” that they have done good things.

Was this an organic fan movement or an orchestrated campaign that used bots to look organic? This doubt about the new version of Justice League has an answer for Zack Snyder: It does not matter .

In conversation with The Hollywood Reporter the director was consulted regarding the accusation that robots were used to boost the campaign Snyder Cut .

“Is this the truth? It doesn’t matter. The movie was made. If they were smart enough to use robots for this, then they would have won. This movie has no right to exist, but it exists,” Snyder emphasized.

According to a Rolling Stone article, a bot campaign fueled the efforts, forcing Warner Bros. to spend $80 million to complete the version which was aborted once the director left and was replaced by Joss Whedon. This film launched on HBO Max in 2021.

Additionally, the director responded to accusations that his fans were also aggressive towards those who disagreed. explaining that he will not comment on the details on whether they are good or bad, toxic or abusive. “It’s in every chat room. This is what comes with the Internet. But I know the work they’ve done at some level is good. I can actually say that they did good things. “This cannot be denied,” he stressed.

In the same conversation, Snyder assured that he would only return to a DC character to make a film based on The Dark Knight Returns. But not just any adaptation, but something similar to what he already did with 300: an almost verbatim transfer of the pages of Frank Miller’s comics.

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