Tragic Hruška, pensive Roden in jeans and red Kanócz: the fashion of Tancuj, Matyldo

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The highly anticipated film Dance, Matyldo premiered at the Cinema City Slovanský dům multiplex. Of course, the main representative Karel Roden could not miss the event, others also came Regina Rázlová, Antonio Šoposki and the charming Zuzana Kanócz, who Czech viewers may remember from the film Roman pro ženy, in which she played young Laura. See how the stars dressed for the event in the gallery.

Slovak actress Zuzana Kanócz (44), a Hungarian national, clearly shone at the premiere of the film Dancing, Matylda in the multi-cinema Slovanský dům. She gained public attention primarily with the 2005 film Roman for Women, in which she played the main character Laura.

Kanócz wore a red vest, long pants also red and a jacket of the same color. She tied her hair in a ponytail, added a subtle lipstick and looked really cool, feminine and sophisticated. She added black shoes and a black handbag to the outfit, which didn’t spoil anything.

Ladi Hruska’s embarrassment

On the other hand, actor Karel Roden (61) escaped. He wore jeans, a T-shirt, a brown suede jacket and suede shoes to the premiere of the film in which he plays the lead role. At a pub like this, yes, but certainly not at the gala premiere. His sometimes pensive expression also made it seem like he was wondering what he was actually doing at the premiere.

He didn’t even get the outfit cook Láďa Hruška (45 years old)who was even worse dressed than Roden. Hruška also wore jeans to the premiere, with which he wore sports shoes, a shirt, an unstylish jacket, a cap with a straight peak (yes, you read that right) and always held a down jacket in his hand. You can’t even say anything about his clothes, maybe only that it was a total tragedy and Roden actually looks the most stylish compared to him.

Take a look at the celebrity outfits from the premiere, at which the editorial team was present, in the gallery.

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