Sweet Home, Netflix’s big Korean hit, premieres its long-awaited second season today

Today the platform received the second season of “Sweet Home”, one of its most successful series in a long time. Combining gore and action, it once again promises to thrill spectators.

In Vandal We already told you: Sweet home returned to Netflix. The fiction is now presenting its second season, demonstrating that Korea and the platform have a unique relationship. The portal is reaping the fruits of the success of The Squid Game, is preparing high-quality productions for the coming months, and although it has also experienced resounding failures, the truth is that the catalog of series and films from South Korea is more than rich, varied and solid . Today, On December 1, the new season of the drama directed by Hong So-ri, Kim Hyung-min and Park So-jung will premiere.returning with creatures and dangers before other, equally powerful versions arrive.

Sweet home returns with eight full new episodes, more creatures and stories

Sweet home It was one of Netflix’s big bets a few years ago on this type of series, sweep away 2020 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. His story placed us in an original horror setting with supernatural connotationsin which many people in South Korea fall victim to a strange disease in which the locals transform into grotesque monsters that reflect each infected’s darkest personality and desires. As we have already told you several times, the fiction has been a success, the development of a second season – which reaches us today – and a third season which is still in production and could be broadcast in 2025.

The series has eight episodes, lasting just over an hour.

The series has eight episodesall exceeding the hour in duration and in the case of the penultimate, even reaching a generous 87 minutesan hour and a half. Sweet home It’s confirmation that South Korea seems established in the fantasy genre with some experience in character development, with hits such as We are dead and going to hellproductions in which, in addition to showing blood and terror, the social aspects and facets of the country are highlighted, mired in a series of deeply rooted problems and inequalities.

Regardless, the Netflix catalog continues to expand in this area, being more and more complete and special regarding the denomination of origin of South Korea, a country that continues to give us surprise with one of the most powerful industries in the country. the audiovisual field.

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