“Nie wieder ist jetzt!”: Promis gegen Antisemitismus

“Never again, not now!” says a new poster campaign. emphasis is made. The Eva Kahan Foundation, entrepreneur Sandra Berkson, and various local cultural workers want to use this campaign to send “a clear signal against anti-Semitism” in the wake of the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.

The poster, featuring the faces of nearly 200 people held hostage by Hamas since October 7, was presented in Vienna on Friday.

“Never again!”: Celebrities taking initiative against anti-Semitism

Actress Katharina Stemberger, who expressed her support during the presentation, said that October 7 was “a breaking point from which nothing else will follow.” “The gates of hell have opened again and we must close them as soon as possible,” Stemberger said. Author Doron Rabinovici recalled the fate of many abducted children who were deeply traumatized after their release. “We have no idea what’s going on here yet.” Words such as pogrom or terrorist attack will not suffice. “This was a message of genocide,” Rabinovici said. He supports the campaign, which has seen around 50 large-format posters hung in public spaces, primarily “so that we don’t all become hostages of these mass murderers.” He himself was raised by his parents “in a way that I didn’t have to hide my Judaism.” The recent increase in anti-Semitic attacks or insults against Europe’s Jewish population is even worse.

Composer Staud “feared the relativism of the left”.

Composer Johannes Maria Staud was shocked by the “relativity of the left” in his statement. His colleague Norbert Sterk also criticized the antisemitism of “those who call themselves the good guys” and the “resounding silence of many feminists around the world”. Goalkeeper Cornelius Obonya, who serves as president of Action Against Antisemitism in Austria, also emphasized: “Nothing, no political situation, no argument justifies a pogrom against Jewish citizens.” He urged everyone to keep their eyes open and to “stand up and speak out” if they observe anti-Semitic expressions or actions. “The line between words and actions is thin and should never be crossed. This is the duty of all of us.”

At the end of the poster presentation, the faces of approximately 40 hostages depicted in the poster were pasted over with red hearts; these had been released in the past few days.


Source: Vienna


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