The girls of Big Brother rebel: They are tired of bothering Roland, it bothers us, they say

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There’s no one left in the Big Brother house to pick on. This time, the evening debate over the slowly forming girls’ alliance has turned to Roland, who makes stupid remarks about women and confides in his roommates about his personal satisfaction. The girls don’t want to tolerate this anymore and that’s why they are giving him the best chance of being eliminated in Saturday’s vote. They hope viewers will notice the situation.

We see that the Big Brother reality show has grown and that subtle alliances are already starting to appear. One of them consists mainly of girls, namely Katrin, Zoe, Ella, Soňa, Barbara and among them the intruder Vítek. During the evenings, they like to exclude the other roommates, in particular the hostess, Tereza, and, according to them, the devious Roland, who allows himself too much.

Sexist forums

“When Standa creates a forum that is so inherently derogatory, you laugh, but when Roland creates similar sexist forums, everyone rolls their eyes.” Barbara began to share her feelings. At that moment, all the girls joined in the debate, especially Zoe and Ella. They agreed that while Stanislav is still funny, similar humor starts to get nasty from him.

Ella also highlighted several unpleasant moments. “I don’t find it funny at all anymore, I’ve been hearing from the beginning what the boar looks like and how much he had. Last time, when he came out of the confessional, he showed the sexual movement again. ” began roommate Ella.

Something in faith is yes and something is not

“Mainly because he didn’t want to sit like a Catholic or whatever his faith is and eat with a hat on, but he can tell us on camera that he passed out,” the dark-haired beauty recalled Roland’s behavior in past works, when he did not want to take off his headgear at the table because of his faith. Zoé even asked Roland to offer to “squirt on the bed”, which was already out of date for her.

Katrin thus rejoined the collective

Meanwhile, Katrin, to whom, as we have already written, Tarika’s mother came to speak in person, has changed since that moment and is a little more popular than she was in the team. She and Tarik are even officially a couple and there were even a few kisses in the bathroom. Despite the fact that the first couple in the house seems happy, viewers constantly listen to the curly brunette that they do not take the relationship seriously. He judges this based on the strange attitude when kissing Tarik, when the beauty had her hands behind her back and did not even hug the young man.

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Big Brother 2023

The Big Brother 2023 reality show began on November 13, 2023 on Voyo. The show airs 7 days a week and can be viewed on Nova Pleasure. In the house gathered 16 competitors who will fight for a prize of almost 2.5 million crowns (100 thousand euros).

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