Chris Hemsworth teased his ‘violent, demented and brutal’ villain Furiosa

The prequel will present the unknown story of the time when Immortan Joe was not the only lord and lord of the desolate world.

As Dementia the wicked will be known Chris Hemsworth will star in Furiosa, the new film in the saga of Mad Max which will act as a prequel to the events of Fury Road.

From the moment he presented the first explosive trailer, Dementus will control the life of Furioso and will also be in direct conflict with Inmortan Joe, while various soldiers of the war will control the post-apocalyptic páramo en el que persisten las migajas de humanity.

And at the latest CCXP event held in Brazil, Hemsworth himself explained that his character would be “violent, demented and brutal”, although he would also have a sense of “manipulative charisma”.

In this sense, Dementus will only have one path in his life: “it is kill or be killed and he learned this rule with an iron fist”.

Furiosa will be released on May 24, 2024.

Source: Latercera


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