Dallas’ Sue Ellen Ewing Apparently Forgot To Age: At Eighty-Three, She’s Fabulous

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The American television series Dallas is undoubtedly one of the shows that almost everyone knows. People all over the world were excited to watch the storylines and storylines of their favorite characters. One of them was Sue Ellen, the wife of the treacherous JR Ewing. The role of the unfortunate alcoholic was played by the beautiful actress Linda Gray. Today the star of the famous series is eighty-three years old, and as evidenced not only by the photos on her Instagram, she still has a mouthful to eat.

Wife of an intriguer

Sue Ellen Ewing was the main villain’s wife, the perfidious JR Ewing from the series Dallas. One of the most famous shows has been enjoyed by millions of viewers around the world over several generations, eager to see what storylines would arise again in the Ewing family story.

In the role of Sue Ellen, a rich housewife who has constant problems with her selfish husband and alcohol, actress Linda Gray appeared, who perfectly portrayed the troubled worldview of an unhappy woman. I think people like to look at the rich, the powerful, the dysfunctional! I think people love to have fun and that’s what we love to do.” she said in an interview for digital spy now an eighty-three year old Hollywood star.

Always a hot girl

When Linda accepted the offer to star in Dallas, she was not a novice actress. She was in her forties and had already played a few roles. The actress who was behind her series character nominated twice for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Serieswas born in 1940. According to the latest red carpet photos from the Gift Of A Lifetime Christmas party in Beverly Hills, she simply forgot about growing old.

Even at her age, Linda is incredibly vital. She has a perfect figure and you wouldn’t guess that she is over eighty years old. The star of Dallas, perhaps the most famous series of all time, is even very active on social networks where he shares photos from his private life and often brags about his family.

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