The show divided the public: Bullshit for nothing, some think, we had a lot of fun, others say

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After its television premiere, the film “Strídavka z odlony” directed by Petr Nikolaev. The story of three families, which ultimately become one, received only 52 percent on the ČSFD portal. And it turns out that the comedy divided the audience into two camps.

Petr Nikolaev came up with another romantic comedy, Střídavka, which won the public’s sympathy, but unfortunately also attracted criticism. Image on the cinema portal ČSFD it scored a nice 52 percent, which ranks it among the average Czech films.

This is not just a Czech collaboration, but a Slovak co-production. Martin Hofmann, Kristína Svarinská, Jitka Čvančarová, Anna Polívková and many others appeared in the main roles.

Mixed reactions from viewers

The film both excited and disappointed audiences.I looked at Strídavka by chance only because I was coming from the garden and my wife was carrying it. But it pissed me off from start to finish. Are we really capable of making these crazy comedies for nothing? » replied Malarkey, for example.

Strídavka could stand out in the flood of late Czech comedies. This is not yet another attempt to show the upper middle class, which most creators confuse with millionaires. On the contrary, it is a band of desperadoes who struggle in life and get by with little of the family home,” writes Djoker in turn. I don’t watch these new movies, I think they’re rubbish.” Ilona thinks.

But there were also positive reactions.Excellent film, excellent news and excellent actors”, thinks the spectator Petra na Facebook . Great comedy. We had a lot of fun. Each of the actors played their role perfectly, perfectly.” » wrote Evička. “Martin, great film, it entertained and didn’t bore. After all, you haven’t disappointed yet, just like the other actors and actresses.” commented Jana about actor Martin Hofmann.Holubová in the pool is the best”, recognizes Marcelo.

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