Kozuba’s secret divorce: school love faded, comedian’s four-year marriage collapsed

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Ostrava artist Štěpán Kozub (27) has closed another chapter in his life. At the beginning of August, divorce proceedings with his wife Barbora Kozubová were initiated, the final decision was made on November 21. After four years, their marriage, which produced a daughter Anežka, was divorced. Blesk was the first to provide the information.

It looks like the marriage of Štěpán Kozub and Barbora Kozubová was not so idyllic. They secretly divorced in November this year. The legal proceedings began on August 1, 2023, and the final decision came into force on November 21, as the portal pointed out. lightning .

What was the reason for the divorce, the couple kept a secret. “We certainly won’t comment on this.” their manager responded to the mentioned website. However, one of the reasons could be the fact that Kozub is very busy with his work and does not have much time for his family.

They met at the conservatory

The couple met while studying at the conservatory. “I thought she was a lesbian and she thought I was gay. So we crossed paths for a while. When I kissed her neck once, she thought, I guess she’s bisexual.” said some time ago in 7 Falls of Honza Dędek The fireplace.

At the end of August 2019, they got married and less than a year later their daughter Anežka was born. Barbora Kozubová, formerly Druláková, never appeared much in public with her husband. when this was the case, she was very discreet.

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