Can you imagine Sailor Moon in a cyberpunk style? thanks to AI we can see what it would look like

Usagi Tsukino, known as “Bunny”, the main protagonist of the manga and anime Sailor Moon, has been reimagined by artificial intelligence as if she were in a cyberpunk world.

Maybe you never imagined it, but artificial intelligence has already done it for you. Unexpectedly and fascinating reinterpretation which merges the nostalgic and the avant-garde, Sailor Moon and more particularly the heroine Usagi Tsukinohas been reinvented under the purest aesthetic cyberpunk styleadopting a futuristic and dazzling finish that clashes with the bright and colorful style we all know of the protagonist of the popular manga and anime series by Naoko Takeuchi.

This is what Sailor Moon looks like in a futuristic and impressive version

Shared by user artist counter62ai on Instagram, an account dedicated to uploading illustrations designed by artificial intelligence of different styles, franchises and characters, we show you below what does the cyberpunk version look like which he made inspired by the series of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moonbetter known as Sailor Moon:

Unfortunately, Not sure what type of AI was used to achieve this surprising transformation which, as you can see, has some illustrations miscellaneous that could be taken from any cyberpunk story.

What is striking in this reinterpretation is the way in which the AI ​​imagined Rabbitthe teenage protagonist of the series, with a almost cyborg-like appearancewith implants and even robotic arms… While of course retaining part of its classic system and characteristic of the garment of student.

Sailor Moon illustrations in cyberpunk style

In this transformation they also left behind the predominant pink colors associated with the original drawings to give greater emphasis on bluish and cold tones cyberpunk aesthetic. Although, yes, there are still small touches of pink in certain parts of the images.

Cyberpunk, as many of you already know, is a science fiction subgenre in which dystopian and futuristic environments are of particular importance in which elements such as technology, computing, cybernetics and virtual reality have permeated society with their many advancements. In general, cyberpunk It is generally associated with stories and contexts of urban decay. and an dark vision of the futurewhich is why it is surely even more shocking to observe characters like those of Sailor Moon in such environments.

We are therefore faced with a more example how far AI can go with instructions from an artist. Something that every time is more abundant on the netAs we have already shown you on other occasions, it is enough to recall the photorealistic Samus Aran, the gothic Nami from “One Piece” or the controversial party of Harry Potter characters.

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