According to American media, a woman who accused Hollywood star Jamie Foxx (55) of sexual assault has asked the New York Supreme Court to remain anonymous. The man who was previously called “Jane Doe” (a common placeholder name for publicly unknown women in the United States) therefore wants to continue to be called as such. writes, in particular, People magazine.

The site quotes itself as saying: “I am not seeking to make my identity public as a victim of sexual assault as it is a very sensitive issue. I have already experienced great shock, embarrassment and shame from the mental consequences of the attack.” I’m afraid of retribution from other people in society.”

They say that it was quite difficult for her to make her accusations against the Oscar winner public. “The sexual assault I experienced caused depression, anxiety, insomnia and pain. “I’m concerned that going public will cause further emotional trauma.”

These are the charges against Fox

This became known in mid-November.that the actor will have to answer in court for alleged sexual harassment. The woman claims that in 2015 she was sexually harassed by the actor in a New York restaurant. He reportedly “intentionally and without her consent touched her in an offensive and forceful manner.” The case is now being considered by the New York Supreme Court.

According to the plaintiff, the incident occurred at the Catch NYC restaurant. She entered the location and found herself there with one of the founders of the restaurant. Fox I saw “drinking the table.” Around 1 a.m., she and her friend went to Fox and the restaurant manager to ask them to take a photo together. The “tipsy” star immediately complied with the request.

However, Fox soon grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the back of the restaurant, according to the charges. There, he allegedly touched her inappropriately in the genital area and breasts, although she tried to get away from him. Fox, however, had be notified immediately after the claimthat the incident “never happened.”
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Jamie Foxx sued for sexual harassment

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