Nela Slováková provokes again: she pointed out the price of her breasts and immediately praised them

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Paradise Hotel star Nela Slováková is known for being provocative on social media. This time she used it to attract new customers, showing off her lush cleavage and rock-like belly. The influencer definitely knows how to tease men, and she even praised her boobs.

When promoting her own brand, Nela Slováková knows perfectly well how and what to attract potential customers. She showed off her tight boobs in a skimpy bikini social networks a new product whose price she highlighted in a very interesting way.

Talents for promotion

“What do you see that’s precious? Besides these beautiful breasts? the beauty boasts. Looking at the photo, some probably wouldn’t even notice if the beauty hadn’t pointed out what the second photo actually was.

However, Slováková did not show talent for the promotion for the first time, as we have already written. In summer, for example, the beauty had the same idea as Kim Kardashian. For her article about the luxury wine collaboration, she chose a hot, bombastic pose. You just have to enjoy working together.” Nela wrote. In the photo, she was getting champagne sprayed on her butt by the pool.

The fans love it

However, some fans seem to need a break from the blonde beauty’s voluptuous curves. Under the photo from vacation in Dubai, where the beauty took out a black dress with a slit, an avalanche of criticism erupted due to a larger revelation. “Next time, come naked, it won’t make any difference” the commenter wrote. “Luxury figure, I just don’t understand why you always dress so cheaply” wrote another. However, Nela admitted that she just likes to show off her strengths and that it’s purely her business.

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